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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

How To Deal With White People. PART 2

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Today, we're going to talk about dealing with White people in the area of politics.  I'm confused, so please bare with me, while I attempt to undo that confusion (and help you undo yours), while being less confused (than you are) at the same time.

In order to get a full idea of what this article is intended to convey, you must pretend that race and / or being apart of a race is not a biological truth, but rather a concept. It only appears to be one because huge populations of people believe in it. You have to pretend that you, (and most people connected to you) were brainwashed into believing that race was proven science. In addition to that you'll have to believe that white skin does not exist, unless it's been painted with white paint. Even then you'll have to believe that it's not real white skin.

Does this photo help with your imagination?

Presumed "White" person with white paint on her face
See the white paint in contrast to her skin?

Does it blend in?

Remember, we're only pretending that it doesn't. You can go back to believing that white people actually have white skin in a short time. Now since we're pretending that white people do not have white skin, we're also going to have to pretend that we can't see them. We're pretending that no white person has skin that's the same color as white paint. So how could you see them as a white person?

So here's where I'm asking you to do something real scary.  As far as I know, very few "Non-white" people (including me) have had "the balls", to ask it. It's called the critical question. Are you ready?

Here it is..... "Are you a White person?"   click here for more info.

To eliminate the confusion even more, when referring to white people, let's put the word white in quotes because they aren't really white, are they?

You'll also have to visualize race as being more like a membership in a highly exclusive club, that has top level members in good standing, low level members in bad standing, and other members that fluctuate between the two. The most important thing that you have to pretend when it comes to race, is that the only race that functions as an exclusive club with wealth and vast knowledge, is the "White" race. Any other so-called race, attempts to be a race based on the standards set by the "White" race. In other words when "Non-white" people say "this is how we should be as a race" their conclusion is based on their observations of the operations of the "White" race.

You must use the Counter Racist Compensatory premise that there is only three types of people in the known universe:

                                                                 "White" people
                                                              "Non-White" people
                                                         Racists (White Supremacists)

You have to read page 20 of The United Independent Compensatory Code (textbook / workbook) by Neely Fuller Jr, at least three times, out loud, in order to get a full understanding of this premise. Don't have it? please call Mr.Fuller at 202.484.5461 to order (Tell him Khalif sent you).

So for the purpose of this article, here's the new definition of "White" people-

Play the above video over and over again until your pretending sinks in as though it were true (just for the purpose of reading this article. You can go back to being the mindless drone that the Status Quo would like for you to be, soon enough).

Add to this pretended belief that the world that you live in is ruled by approximately 10% of its population. It is composed of extremely smart and powerful "White" people. Not just any "White" people, but highly organized, intelligent groups of "White" people. All such groups have Racist Men and Racist Women amongst them who posses highly specialized knowledge in all fields of industry and business. Such intelligent groups are made up of scientists, educators, chemists, inventors, business analysts, public relations specialists, transportation experts, economists, lawyers, judges, accountants, doctors, labor leaders, political leaders, entertainment leaders, religious leaders, military leaders, etc. They constantly plan ways and means of using White Supremacy efficiently and effectively for the benefit of "White" people and make it profitable for themselves at the same time.  They pioneer, experiment, and blaze trails in new fields of endeavor on a daily basis at all times, in all places, and in all areas of people activity. They support colleges, hospitals, public and private schools, they build roads, bridges, buildings, railways, planes, trains, automobiles, satellites, space stations, weapons, many forms of technology, publish information, and most important of all they pay most of the costs of governments. They control every single government on this planet. It's really one government and an incorrect one at that.

Now to make it even less confusing we'll call the "White" people mentioned in the above words the Sophisticated Racists (White Supremacists). Not all "White" people are Racists, but all Racists are "White" people.

You might say where do the Nazi Skinhead Ku Kluckers come in at? We got a category for them too!

Let's call them the UN-Sophisticated Racists (White Supremacists), because anyone with the intelligence of a mouse can see them coming! They're actually easier to deal with because they are honest about not liking you. You know where they stand. Most "Non-white" people know how to deal with these kind right off the bat. They are placed in the unsophisticated category by the Sophisticated Racists (White Supremacists), because they have very little to offer the club. Many of them are considered in bad standing for some reason like lack of education, substance abuse, poverty, laziness, petty crime, etc. These are the ones that the Sophisticated Racists want you to be thinking about when your thinking about which "White" people are Racists. They tend to serve as "foot soldiers" for the sophisticated members.

The only ones that do not have the ability to practice Racism (White Supremacy), are infants and the senile.

Racist= The 4th definition of a Racist in The United Independent Compensatory Code [textbook / workbook] by Neely Fuller Jr, listed on page 306 states that a Racist is "Any white person, who is mentally or physically able to speak, and/or act, to eliminate White Supremacy, but who does not do so."

Okay, you still with me? I'm not done yet.  By now that subconscious defense mechanism should be kicking in. It might be saying "this is that same old we hate whitey stuff." Or something like that. You might be feeling nervous that your "White" friends, co-workers, and / or family members are going to catch you reading this material (how do you think I feel? Hell, I'm typing it! Oh, I just had some coffee, so it might be that). Anyway, if you've gotten this far. You're already in the rabbit hole. So don't leave now, I need readers.

Okay, three more three more things and then on to the dealing. I promise.

Essentially all of this narrows down to people relations aka politics. When it comes to believing in politics we must think about the two sides, and one middle, of the political spectrum.

The Political Spectrum that I suspect eliminates the most confusion about "White" people and politics
In the area of politics you always hear a lot about "liberals" and "conservatives". Sometimes you hear about "moderates". What do these terms mean? I've gotten many different answers from many people, but have summed it up to be:

It's been said that "White Liberals" like to help "Non-white" people and "White Conservatives" don't.

It's also been said that "White Conservatives" like to help "Non-white" people and "White Liberals" don't.

From my observations most "Non-white" people appear to favor "White liberals"over "White Conservatives" simply because they've been told that "Non-white" people favor "White Liberals" over "White Conservatives". "Politics" is boring to most of us and we lack knowledge in this area, so it's easier to follow the crowd and say "Non-white" people are with the democrats.

Such terms can be confusing when helping you deal with "White" people, so I'm asking you to pretend that both "White liberals" and  "White Conservatives" can not be trusted. 

When you hear these terms being thrown around in a political discussion on CNN ("Liberal" news) and FOX ("Conservative" news) or anywhere else, remember the below terms and their definitions.

Racist Liberal is a "White" person who speaks and/or acts to maintain, expand, and/or refine the practice of White Supremacy (Racism) by very skillfully pretending not to do so.

Racist Conservative is a "White" person who says or does anything to establish, maintain, expand, and/ or refine White supremacy (Racism).

Racist Moderate is a "White" person who sometimes speaks and/or acts to maintain, expand, and/or refine the practice of White Supremacy (Racism) by very skillfully pretending not to do so, and at other times says or does anything to establish, maintain, expand, and/ or refine White supremacy (Racism).

These terms are not intended for use in name calling against "White" people. They are for you to learn more about what Racism (White Supremacy) is and How it works. Name Calling makes you feel good. But, feeling good isn't constructive because it is only temporary. You don't want temporary. You want permanent. Therefore your objective is to solve the problem. You must fight this with logic.

Anyway, lets say that you have to believe all of the above in order to deal with "White" people, when it comes to the area of Politics.

Finally. Now how do you deal with "White" people?

Very carefully and cautiously.  You have to decide at a time and place of your own choosing, based on whatever history or other evidence that you may have, whether a "White" person will harm you mentally or physically...and then act accordingly (You already do this with "Non-white" people). Ask questions with precision and say what you mean with truth, and to the best of your ability. I may or may not have done that here. I am still learning.

Stay Strong In The Struggle To Replace White Supremacy With Justice.

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