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Monday, July 08, 2013

Racism / White Supremacy is a Business

What constitutes a business?


"BUSY"-NESS- The White Supremacists are busy working to keep it going in all places, at all times, and in all areas of people activity, but especially the nine major areas, which are Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War.

A business is a serious activity requiring time and energy, combined with the avoidance of any distractions.

All efficient business operations have an ultimate objective. That ultimate objective is to compensate for what is lacking (or perceived to be lacking) amongst the people by providing a Product or Service to end what is lacking and also profit (get a benefit in return) from it. In order to do that, the people behind the business either discover the need for the product or service, or they make the perceived need (through the power of suggestion), for a product or service. I've been told that a business term used to describe a group of people who want or need a product or service is called a Target Market.

The Target Market for Racism (White Supremacy) is "White" people. The system of Racism (White Supremacy),  provides "White" people with a perceived need to be "White".

Mistreating huge numbers of "Non-white" people on the basis of skin color, in all places, and at all times, increases that perceived need. Huge numbers of "Non-white" people also have the perceived need to be "White", because they want to be protected from that same mistreatment.

I am only talking about the "White" people who practice Racism (White Supremacy) with such precision, that it affects "Non-white" people for generations. They are the ones who influence us to co-operate with Racism (White Supremacy) on levels that are way beyond our current level of thinking about what Racism (White Supremacy) is and how it works. The system is a large scale business that produces White Supremacy at an extremely fast rate. The culture of White Supremacy is broadcasted to the masses through the screens (TV, Internet, cell phone, tablet, movies, etc) at what I suspect is the speed of light (186,000 miles per second). I could be incorrect.

When "White" people observe this mistreatment, it makes them glad to be classified as "White".  This gladness motivates "White" people to be productive in doing more things that make them glad to be "White". Being glad to be classified as "White" in a system that makes being  "White" supreme encourages them to promote, establish, maintain, and refine Racism (White Supremacy). White Supremacy eliminates low self-esteem and increase confidence in a "White" person, when they see that the majority of the ("Non-white") people on this planet are suffering because they aren't "White". It makes being "White" appear to be a blessing.

In other words there is no other reason for needing to be "White", other than protection from the mistreatment that "White" people have witnessed "Non-white" people go through, because they are classified as "Non-white".

Two important factors that are considered when producing a product or service that will be wanted / needed are its quantity and its quality. Every business that functions with efficiency, must consider them.

Syn-Q's Compensatory Functional Definitions for the words Quality and Quantity.

Quality- how well a product or service helps to solve a problem and / or a perceived problem.

Does this product or service help solve the problem permanently? or temporarily? the closer to permanently solving the problem that it can get, plus the speed at which it can solve it, the better the quality. Many times problems and / or perceived problems reoccur because a permanent solution has not been produced. This circumstance increases the value of the temporary problem solver. If there are more than one kind of temporary problem solvers for the same solution, then the rate of speed at which the problem can be solved determines the quality.

If a business wants to continue to exist, it must maintain and refine its product or service for its buyers. By producing the product called White Supremacy, the Racists (White Supremacists), have solved many of the problems and perceived problems for most people classified as "White". This makes "White" people and (unfortunately "Non-white" people ) buyers into the production of White Supremacy. But, it's not the best problem solver because it isn't Justice. It protects "White" people from being mistreated on the basis of color, but, it doesn't protect them from other forms of mistreatment. Being mistreated on the basis of skin color is the root cause of all of the other forms.

If there are no buyers for the product, it becomes useless and discontinued.  Justice is better than Racism. The replacement product is justice. Its quality will be to guarantee that no person is mistreated for any reason. You can't get any better than that. Justice will be accepted faster than a rate of 186,000 miles per second (the speed of light). Why? Because everybody needs justice.

Quantity- the amount of product or service needed to help solve a problem or perceived problem.

The quantity of "White" Supremacy is equal to the amount of "White" people who have the ability to practice it.

Its been said that the current population of people on this planet is 7 Billion. If this amount is correct, then the quantity of Justice needed is 7 Billion.

In business, studying the use of these two terms and putting the results into action, will produce the bottom line for what a product or service should have in order for it to be accepted by the people.

Justice is better than Racism.

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