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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ku Klucker Gets Executed For Byrd Lynching

I find it to be ironic that a Victim of Racism, Troy Davis, and an admitted Racist White Supremacist, Lawrence Brewer Jr, have been executed at the same time.  Brewer received the death penalty for his role in the lynching of James Byrd. Another admitted White Supremacist, was executed in 1997, for lynching a Victim of Racism. Such retribution has been too few and far between. I am against the death penalty, however. I suspect that a person will suffer more still breathing, confined to a small cell, 23 hours a day, with one hour to get fresh air in a confined cage set away from the rest of the population, is better.

If it so happens that the person is innocent of murder, their still around to be free of crime that they were convicted of. This should be the case, especially under the system of White Supremacy, because we know this to be a system of injustice and that their exists a disproportionate number of  Victims of Racism in Greater Confinement and whom are on death row. We have seen cases where people were found to be guilty in court, because they were either forced to confess, or because others were forced to say they witnessed the person (s) commit the crime, when they really weren't, were released from Greater Confinement, because people recanted, or DNA evidence proved that the person was not at the seen.

The Scottsboro Boys , the central park five, Geronimo Pratt, Gary Dotson, and plenty of others, demonstrate the necessity for ending the death penalty. You can't bring an innocent person back from death, if new evidence proves their innocence. I read some where that some tribes in so-called Africa, used to make a murderer serve the family of their victims, until that family said their restitution had been paid, which in most cases, would be until death. Maybe something along those lines could be done. I don't know. But, I do know that until a system of justice is established, which means a system where no person is mistreated for any reason, people will continue to kill others.

Stay Strong in the struggle to Replace Injustice With Justice

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Frederick Jermaine Carter's Death Ruled A Hanging And Not A Suicide

What else is news? We knew all along that it was not a suicide.

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