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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Are "White" people racially Oppressed?: HELL NO!

This is my response to a CNN article (rated #1 on their "most popular stories right now" list on 3/5/11 @9:01am) that asks the question "Are whites racially oppressed?"

I am baffled at the fact that some "White" people are saying that they are "racially oppressed" these days, because I've been a Victim of White Supremacy (racially oppressed) for 42.5 years. My father-less (see page 120 of the U.I.C.C.S.C: Word Guide) was a Victim of White Supremacy (racially oppressed) for 68 years, and my mother-less, currently has been a Victim of White Supremacy (racially oppressed) for 68 years. 

I have so much knowledge and experience in being a Victim of White Supremacy, that I earned a PH.D( ) in it. I thought for sure that by now I knew what it meant to be "Racially Oppressed", but, since these “White” people are saying that they are, maybe it’s true and I just don't know what I’m talking about.
So for purposes of getting to the bottom line let’s assume that it is true that “White” people are “Racially Oppressed”.

This means that I will offer these “Racially Oppressed White People” the benefit of the doubt and investigate their claim. Never mind the fact that on most occasions when I’ve stated that I am "Racially Oppressed", I barely get this same kind of consideration. No news broadcasters have called me to get my story.

Upon hearing my claim to be a Victim of Racism, most of the "White" people, that I have spoken to make comments like:

"Get a job nigger; you have too much time on your hands."

“Slavery was a long time ago, so get over it.”

 “You have Affirmative Action.”

“You have a black president now, so stop whining.”


“Are Whites Racially Oppressed?”

Many questions came to my mind when contemplating the answer to this grandest question of all questions

1. What does "Racially" mean? 

"Racially" is an adverb of the adjective "Racial", therefore,
The Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary Tenth Edition states:

Racial- 1. of, relating to or based on a race.2. existing or occurring between races.

2. What does "oppressed" mean? 

"Oppressed" is the word "oppress" in its past tense, therefore,
 the Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language College Edition states:

Oppress- 1. To weigh heavily on the mind, spirits, or senses of; 2. to keep down by the cruel or unjust use of power or authority; burden with harsh, rigorous impositions; tyrannize over. 3. a) To crush; trample down. b) To overpower; subdue.

Okay following the logic:

If “White” people are Racially Oppressed because they are classified as “White”,

Then they are kept “down by the cruel or unjust use of power or authority” from “non-white” people dominating and subjugating them in all places, at all times, and in all areas of people activity including Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War.

Correct? (I know, I know, I’m shaking my head too, but let’s play along.)

Before we look at some of the evidence, 

We'll start with the main reason (I suspect) that these people ( not all "white" people) are saying that they are "oppressed".
Most Powerful Victim of Racism (White Supremacy) in the known universe
Was he selected by "White" people to be President?


Evidence marked exhibit #1 The President's Cabinet
Look at all of those "Racially Oppressed" "White" people.
If Obama is keeping "White" people down by being cruel and making unjust use of his power or authority, why is not his cabinet filled with "non-white" people?

If he had the kind of power that the smart and powerful Racists had, backing him, he could surround himself with "Wesley Snipes" complexioned people and there would not be a damn thing that anyone could do about it. Now, that would be cruelty.

I've admitted that I am confused about knowing how a "White" person looks. There are many times where I am incorrect about it. I've never seen anyone that was the color of a white piece of paper or a white crayon.

Maybe most of the people in the above pic are all classified as "non-white" people? I don't know. What do you think? I think I need a "White" person to tell me. But since I don't have one available, I'll presume that they are "White" people, because many of the people who've told me that they were "White" have the same skin tone as those they want us to presume are classified as "White". I could be incorrect.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

How to deal with "White" people. PART 1

The first thing that you want to do is admit the truth to yourself (if you are a "non-white" person), which is, that you are a Victim of Racism in system of Racism / White Supremacy and because of that fact, you are less than one percent as smart as you thought you were.

I know that this position is going to take some getting used to.

Many of you are saying "Oh hell naw, SynQ, if I say that, I'm saying that I am stupid, and I aint stupid."

"I'm too proud of who I am, and who we are, to say that we are victims, SynQ."

"Man, our people built the pyramids. SynQ, we come from kings and queens."

I estimate that for the last 50 or so years, we've been blasted with what has been called "positive thinking". I prefer to use the lesser used term, called the "see and be" technique, because it eliminates confusion.

See the catchy part in this term is the word positive. Because of that word this phrase took off like a wildfire. Especially, amongst "non-white" people. Within this period, a lot of "White" people were openly truthful about the existence of this system, and the ones (they called themselves "White liberals") who appeared to be helping us deal with it, were saying that this system, made us as individuals, have a "low self-esteem".

According to them, having a "low self-esteem", meant that we were too afraid and / or mentally weak to set any goals or pursue any goals if we had any.

I suspect that some of these "White liberals" ran with the idea that we needed to FEEL GOOD about ourselves, because of the accomplishments of others who had the same skin color.

They came up with these "firsts". You know the kind of thing, I'm talking about?

"Hank Aaron was the first black this........Joe Lewis was the first black that."

Their idea in my opinion was to make us more comfortable with the affects of the system. You and I are supposed to FEEL PROUD of ourselves, because of the works of another "black" person. Well, that's a slap in the face, as far as I am concerned.

The same can be said for our history. True, that knowing the history is important. Those who don't know the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them. That is all that you need to know history for.

Okay, I digressed BIG TIME. Well sort of.

The next thing that you want to do is see the "white" person as a Racist Suspect. This is because under the system of Racism (White Supremacy), we've been conditioned through White Supremacist Propaganda to see most "white" people as "innocent" and "trustworthy", merely because they are "White".  No? How many "White" people are there around you, whom you believe will steal from you?  It probably doesn't cross your mind because the propaganda has you thinking that most "white" people have too much money to steal from a "non-white" person. The same can be said for selling or using dope, pimping, killing, lying, etc. Sure there are "white" people doing these things, but is it the first image that comes to your mind when you imagine some one doing them? By no means am I saying that you should see all "white" people as Racists, because not all "white" people are Racists. The only way that you should see one as a Racist is if they admit that they are one, or if another "white" person says that another "white" person is one. Even then you should never call one a Racist (unless they give you permission to), because that would be name calling. It is counter productive to be discourteous to anyone. It is better to just avoid contact. The main point here is that many "white" people who are Racists will not tell you.

The third thing that you want to do is be prepared. That means that you should read up on and / or research whatever subject you intend to deal with them on.
CAUTION: This is not to show them how much you've learned or how much you know on the subject. This is so that your questions can be more precise in order to not give the "white" person any "wiggle room", with their answers. For example- if you are relying on a "white" person to sell you a car, you should learn as much as you can about the process of buying a car, before you go to the dealership. When I used to sell cars it was widely known amongst the employees of the dealership, that "black" people lacked knowledge in negotiation, finance, and about the cars that they were buying (especially if it is a used car). There were "white" car sales people who were known to not deal with anyone except "black" people, because they knew that they'd make a lot of money off of their lack of knowledge. The real deception was that their victims, thought that these sales people were dealing with them, because they cared about "black" people.

The fourth thing that you do, is ask the "white" person to speak slowly and use simple words as though they are speaking to (you like) a third grader. Some of you may find this insulting, however, in most cases we get victimized by White Supremacy, because we are lead to THINK that we are smart when we really aren't. The reason for talking like you are a third grader, is because listening to the ENGLISH language can get very complicated and confusing real quick. If you misunderstand the meaning of just one word in a sentence, you could be thrown off from the point that they were making. Once that happens confusion can set in at a time when you think you understand what is being said, and you wont even know that you are confused.

The fifth thing is to pay close attention to what is being said. In fact, it would be better if you had some kind of recording device. Many people talk extremely fast, even after you've asked them to speak slowly.

The sixth thing is to make no assumptions (during the conversation) about what is being said or done. Ask questions. Ask a whole lot of questions. This actually puts you in control of the situation, because you are learning about the thinking process of the person that you are asking the questions of. If you are paying close attention to what is being said then you can tell whether that person is telling you the truth or using deception. It is not a full proof way, because if a person knows in advance what kind of questions you're going to ask, they may be prepared to give you the answers that will make them sound like they're telling the truth. However, asking questions in most cases puts you in the "drivers seat". It's like your the prosecutor and they're on the stand or your the interviewer and they're the interviewee.

I hope that this is constructive.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To Change "Public Policy".

I was listening to Dick Gregory on the C.O.W.S. radio show:

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He mentioned that the reason,Victim of Racism, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated was because he could influence public policy. That made me think about, Victim of Racism, Malcolm X announcing his plans to go to the so-called Human Rights (see page 162 of the U.I.C.C.S.C.-word guide for "Human Rights") Commission of the United Nations in an attempt to influence the public policy of the whole planet. Who is the public? The public is the people that matter. Who are the people that matter in a system of Racism (White Supremacy)? Let's spell it, altogether now W-H-I-T-E-P-E-O-P-L-E. But, don't blame them, it isn't their fault. It is the fault of the Racists who hang out amongst them. It has been said (and I agree) that the real reason that Malcolm X was assassinated was to keep him from making his speech to the United Nations. Somehow he found out about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document is what the Racists (White Supremacists), use against their "puppets"(whenever the "puppets" realize they are "puppets" and / or no longer want to be), to promote Shadow Fighting (see page 361 of the Word Guide or page of the Textbook / Workbook). Research Victims of Racism, like Idi Amin, Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Qaddafi, Laurent Gbagbo, etc. I suspect that Malcolm was going to use this document against the Racist Government (see page 263 of the Textbook/ Workbook and page 140 of the Word Guide). See what the new "puppets" get for Shadowfighting in "Cote d'Ivore"? Oops, I digressed. Back to this "Public Policy" thing. Wiki on "Public Policy"- "Public policy as government action is generally the principled guide to action taken by the administrative or executive branches of the state with regard to a class of issues in a manner consistent with law and institutional customs. In general, the foundation is the pertinent national and subnational constitutional law and implementing legislation such as the US Federal code. Further substrates include both judicial interpretations and regulations which are generally authorized by legislation. [1] Other scholars define it as a system of "courses of action, regulatory measures, laws, and funding priorities concerning a given topic promulgated by a governmental entity or its representatives."[2] Public policy is commonly embodied 'in constitutions, legislative acts, and judicial decisions.'[3]" It continues further on to say: "In the United States, this concept refers not only to the end result of policies, but more broadly to the decision-making and analysis of governmental decisions. As an academic discipline, public policy is studied by professors and students at public policy schools of major universities throughout the country. The U.S. professional association of public policy practitioners, researchers, scholars, and students is the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management." Wikipedia also says that "Shaping public policy is a complex and multifaceted process that involves the interplay of numerous individuals and interest groups competing and collaborating to influence policymakers to act in a particular way. These individuals and groups use a variety of tactics and tools to advance their aims, including advocating their positions publicly, attempting to educate supporters and opponents, and mobilizing allies on a particular issue.[4] In this context, advocacy can be defined as attempting to influence public policy through education, lobbying, or political pressure. Advocacy groups 'often attempt to educate the general public as well as public policy makers about the nature of problems, what legislation is needed to address problems, and the funding required to provide services or conduct research. Although advocacy is viewed as unseemly by some in the professional and research community, it is clear that public policy priorities are influenced by advocacy. Sound research data can be used to educate the public as well as policy makers, thereby improving the public policy process.'[4]" The current public policy is that injustice prevails. What shapes or has influence on public policy? Public Opinion Wiki says "Public opinion is the aggregate of individual attitudes or beliefs held by the adult population (view what the code says about the word "adult" on page two of the Word Guide and page 236 of the Textbook/Workbook). Public opinion can also be defined as the complex collection of opinions of many different people and the sum of all their views." Here's what I say about "Public Opinion"- The only "public" opinion that is valued in a system of Racism (White Supremacy), is the opinions of "white" people. They (collectively) are not concerned about what Victims of Racism, think, do or say, unless it affects them in a major way. The majority of 300 million "White" people, formed an opinion that shaped public policy into making the smart and powerful Racists select Barack Obama to be the next President, because they were tired of "White" people like Bush. Listen carefully (it's part of the same clip that Gus played at the end of the Dick Gregory program above) to what the "White" woman is saying to Mr. Fuller, in the below video. She was basically speaking for the way that huge numbers of "White" people were feeling after they realized they had been deceived by Bush and his crew. The clip is dated June of 2003. According to her "White" people thought "Black" people would be humble. They saw "Black" people as less arrogant. "White" people felt abused from the trauma of the world trade center and terrified by the taking of their "civil rights". Many of them felt "disenfranchised". They felt hey this is how "Black" people have felt all of their lives, now we can relate. The Racists saw what the public opinion was and shaped public policy so that a "non-white" person could be President. If they hadn't of listened, they would have had a rebellion, because huge numbers of "white" people felt mistreated by the actions of Bush. Putting a "Black" person in was supposed to help "White" people deal with the trauma of being mistreated. Huge numbers of them have now forgotten all about Bush, and are now blaming Obama for the results of Bush's actions. At present the public's opinion is easily influenced into blaming the "non-white" person. We all know about the various Racist Suspects whom have blamed crimes committed by either themselves or other "White" people on "Black" people for centuries. I suspect that the smart and powerful Racists knew this. Now, listen to the next part..... If you saw the Obama inauguration, they made sure that "White" people saw huge numbers of "White" women with "Black" males in the crowd. What is the "White" woman in this clip saying about "Black" males? Even though she is married to a "White" man? Okay, I digressed slightly. But, keep thinking about everything around us. In a system of Racism (White Supremacy), most everything around us was created for "White" people to use. Often times they had a thing for a long time before it came our way. Of course, I'm speaking of "White" people collectively. Anything, that you can think of that was created for them to conduct their day to day business, can become a disruption, if you apply your mind to it. "White" people paid attention to the so-called "Civil Rights" movement, only because huge numbers of "non-white" people started affecting the business of White Supremacy. It wasn't the singing and marching, unless that singing and marching was done somewhere it wasn't supposed to be done. Imagine standing in the middle of a store singing and marching about being a Victim of Racism? That's bad for business. Imagine speaking and acting to Counter Racism (White Supremacy) in all places, at all times, and in all areas of people activity? Out of 300 Million "White" people, how many of them are Racists? It should not matter to a "non-white" person, because as long as the system of Racism (White Supremacy) exists, they are all suspects. "White" people should decide amongst themselves who are and who are not the Racists, and then work on getting rid of them, or at the least, work on eliminating their power. See collectively they have the ability to eliminate Racism (White Supremacy) overnight, but, they don't have the will to do it, because it is not affecting their business. Racism is a business. This is why we need Effective Numbers of Victims of Racism to influence public opinion which in turn changes public policy. We need Effective Numbers of individual Victims of Racism, to "use a variety of tactics and tools to advance their aims, including advocating their positions publicly, attempting to educate supporters and opponents, and mobilizing allies on" promoting the idea that Racism (injustice) should be replaced with justice. The idea that justice should be the business of today. What is justice? according to compensatory logic, justice means to guarantee that no person is mistreated and guaranteeing that the person who needs the most help gets the most constructive help they need. How can a "White" person disagree with that? I see how a Racist would disagree, but, not a "White" person. Some "White" people have said that what I really mean by justice is "Black Supremacy". I don't mean that. How does "Black Supremacy" guarantee that no person is mistreated? How does "Black Supremacy" guarantee that the person who needs the most help get the most constructive help that they need? It's all about getting "White" people to have the will to Replace Racism (White Supremacy) With Justice. Individual Victims of Racism, have gotten their attention in the past. The evidence shows that those same individuals have also gotten the attention of the Racists as well. The Racists will say "Hey this person or that person is bad for business. They have to go." They'll try to use deception first, if that doesn't work, violence comes next. But there's more of an advantage in numbers. One million Victims of Racism going to Washington D.C. made a statement, didn't they? But, imagine if it were eight million of us making the same statements where ever we are. Each one saying "Replace White Supremacy With Justice!" in our own way. Eight million Victims of Racism, functioning in a United-Independent Compensatory codified manner-
  • using a variety of tactics and tools to advance their aims of Replacing White Supremacy With Justice,
  • advocating their positions to Replace White Supremacy With Justice publicly, 
  • attempting to educate supporters and opponents on the idea that Justice is better than Racism, and 
  • mobilizing allies to think, speak, and /or act in a manner that guarantees that no person is mistreated and guarantees that the person who needs the most help gets the most constructive help they need.
Can that go unnoticed? Stay Strong In The Struggle To Replace White Supremacy With Justice